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Fahari Academy Updates

Fahari Academy Charter School selected by the Center for Supportive Schools as host site for middle school tours

Media Advisory (Center for Supportive Schools visit)


A message from our Board of Trustees (Part Two):


A message from our Board of Trustees (Part One):


Letters from our supporters: 

Brooklyn Borough President Letter of support

Ltr of Support Fahari Academy- Ifetayo 4.14.15 (1)

Erasmus Neighborhood Federation letter of support

Cumbe letter of support


Our Parents reached out to Chancellor Farina this week in response to the proposed closing:

Letter to Chancellor Farina


 April 24, 2015

Statement from the Fahari Academy Charter School Board of Trustees

Early last month, the NYC Department of Education (“DOE”) informed Fahari Academy that the Chancellor was denying its request for renewal of its charter. Even though this recommendation was communicated as a final decision to both our community and the public, the DOE subsequently informed Fahari that we would be provided an administrative appeal process before a final decision would be made.

We have submitted our written appeal, and are scheduled to appear before a DOE administrative hearing panel on Monday, April 24th. Originally, the DOE refused to open the hearing to members of the public, including our own parents, staff, and students; therefore, we strongly encourage you to attend given that the potential closure of a school is an issue of significant public concern.

We also invite you to read our written appeal and supporting documents. This appeal is our official response to the DOE’s Renewal Report. As previously noted, the so-called Renewal Report is factually erroneous and inexplicably fails to consider nearly all of the relevant data obtained by the DOE as a part of the renewal process. Also included are statements from our Board Chair and Principal supporting the assertions made in our written response.

Copies of all of our materials have been posted to our website and can be accessed here:

WHO: Fahari Academy Charter School
WHAT: DOE Administrative Hearing to Review Non-Renewal Recommendation
WHEN: Monday, April 27th, 2:00 PM
WHERE: 131 Livingston Street, Room 508A Brooklyn, NY

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