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A Message from Fahari’s Assistant Principal, Mr. Roebuck:

This week we had the opportunity to take our 7th and 8th grade students to see the movie Selma. I traveled with the 7th graders, and really enjoyed spending the day with our wonderful students. At the times the film was difficult to watch. There was something about seeing people who look like you be beaten in the streets by officers of the law and their fellow countrymen, that felt different than the many times I’ve read about these same events. In the days since viewing the movie, I’ve been left thinking about one scene in particular, where Martin Luther King Jr. says something along the lines of: “A black man will be able to sit at any lunch counter, but what does it matter if he can’t afford the burger? Or worse, what if he can’t read the menu?” Those words have stayed with me, as I thought about our work as educators, and what change can look like for people of color all these years removed from the spring of 1965.

We know that people of color of can walk into any “lunch counter” they please, but we also know that many of the families we serve are gripped by poverty and are ill served by the education system. Research tells us that these two factors–poverty and inadequate education– are drivers of what has been called “the new Jim Crow”: the mass incarceration of males of color in the United States. In the years since the Civil Rights movement, the criminal justice system serves a mechanism through which people of color are segregated, disenfranchised, and disconnected from society. For our purposes as educators, the link between mass incarceration and our daily work is well documented:

Fahari Academy Exceeds the City’s Target Measure For Student Growth!

Fahari’s Quality Snapshot, the new DOE’s accountability tool, illustrates the progress Fahari has made in just one year! Fahari’s Student Progress scores, which measures how much students are learning every year, show impressive gains in both ELA and math. Click on the links below to view Fahari’s Quality Snapshot, Quality Guide and School Survey. Thank you to all families, students, staff and community members for your continued support. Fahari is on the RISE!


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